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New Guitars

From the Best Brands and Builders in the Business


Cripple Creek Music Co. is honored to present the finest builders of Acoustic and Acoustic / Electric Guitars. Our collection originates from master crafters and major manufacturers around the world – United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. We consider it our mission to offer the finest selection at all price points. This enables our customers to fulfill their musical goals and inspire their

musicianship on the best instrument available, whatever their personal budget.

You can rely on the staff at Cripple Creek Music to help you find your dream guitar. From the store inventory as well as our ability to special order, you can rely on the knowledgeable Cripple Creek staff to advise you on the many custom options. These include body shape, bracing, and tonewoods, so that you can have a guitar built that perfectly matches your musical taste, direction, and style.